Insurance Company vs. Agency

Insurance Company

Insurance companies such as Geico, Metlife, and Allstate are selling you policies that they own. The downside of working with insurance companies is that if you want to compare policies and prices, it takes time to call each one, wait on the line, and find a representative who is knowledgeable enough to explain complex options in simple terms.

In addition, it takes even more time if you’re looking for multiple different types of insurance at once, such as home, auto, and life. Each company will try to sell you on their own plans, making it difficult to compare these companies from the view of an objective expert.

This is where you will benefit from using an insurance agency.

Insurance Agency

As an independent insurance agency, Wedgwood-Crane & Connolly represents a variety of different insurance companies. We sit down with you to target your specific insurance needs, then we contact different companies to compare the pros and cons of different plans according to price, and compatibility with your needs.

Since we’ve been doing this for over 100 years, we’ve developed relationships with these companies, and can easily see through the technical industry terms and fine print to make sure your plan isn’t chalk full of stuff you’re paying for but don’t need.

To summarize the benefits of using our agency:

  • Affordable: We use our knowledge & experience to find you the most affordable packages
  • Fast: We quickly sort through the options to pinpoint the best plans
  • Experienced: In business since 1886
  • Easy: We do the work for you